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Breath Alcohol Testing


Breath Alcohol Testing

Coe Management Group offers Breath Alcohol Testing, an instant method to determine if an employee is intoxicated. The test measures how much alcohol is in the air that is breathed out. The device uses that measurement to estimate how much alcohol is in the blood. This number is called your blood alcohol concentration or BAC.

Breath Alcohol Testing

When compared with blood alcohol tests, breath tests are more convenient, less painful, much faster, and just as accurate. It is widely used by employers, and is required by the DOT. This test only measures alcohol that is currently in the user’s system, and does not measure past alcohol use.

Breath Alcohol Testing is a great way to see if your employee is currently intoxicated. Many employers use this test after an accident at work or if they have reasonable suspicion. The DOT and the United States Department of Defense has mandatory alcohol testing for employees.

We provide instant breath alcohol testing for employees and can work with you and your company to determine a risk solution that works best for you.

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