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Post Accident Testing


Post Accident Testing

Post-accident, sometimes called Post-incident, testing is a drug test administered after a workplace accident occurred. Post-accident drug testing in the United States includes urine and oral fluid because it can test for recent drug use. This testing is used as an aid in assessing whether unsafe work practices and/or accidents are related to drug use. Post-accident testing should occur within 12 hours of the incident.   

Although the primary purpose of a drug test is to determine whether or not the employee was using drugs during the time of an accident, it can have other positive benefits as well. It may discourage drug use among other employees. Plus, it offers peace of mind, especially after a damaging and potentially lethal accident. Employers seek to understand what happened to make sure that no further incidents happen in the future, and post-accident drug testing is one tool that employers can use.

Post Accident Drug Testing

Contact us for your post-accident testing. We will make sure that your results are fast and accurate, giving you peace of mind.

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