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What kind of testing is right for my business? 
Apr  19,  2021 | Blog Posts

You know you need an active drug testing program to protect your business and employees, but the question is “What kind of testing is right for MY business?”

It’s true – the type of testing you choose for your company needs to be the best fit all-around. Here are a few examples of different forms of testing that are available to help you determine what is right for your company.

Be advised that DOT screening is federally regulated and requires specific protocols that are explained in detail here.

1. Urine Testing

Urine sample collection is a common form of drug testing. It has been used since drug testing became common practice in the mid 1980’s and is still widely utilized.

Urine can be collected and tested instantly on-site, or the employee can be sent to a collection site and the test administered by a trained professional.

If collected off-site, the donor’s sample is then shipped to the appropriate testing facility and results are reported either to the Medical Review Officer (MRO), Third Party Administrator (TPA), or directly back to the company. Results are typically available within 2-7 days.

For instant testing collected at your facility by a trained staff member, an initial result is available within seconds. If this initial result is positive for any substance, the donor’s sample is sealed and shipped to a CLIA certified laboratory. Some companies may opt to send the donor to a local collection site to have a follow-up collection performed that same day if their instant screen is positive. Your TPA would help determine which site near you could perform that testing.

There are many standard panel options available to accommodate which substances you would like tested, or a panel can be created to meet your specific needs.

2. Oral Fluid Testing

Mouth swabs are an accurate and convenient option for drug testing. There are both instant and lab-based kits available and each are easily administered by a trained member of your staff.

A benefit of this form of testing is the non-invasive means of collection and the ability to observe the process from beginning to end.

When using instant kits, lab-based confirmation by a CLIA certified lab is required in the event of a positive result. These lab-based kits are kept on hand for this purpose or can be used as the primary means of testing if not using instant kits. Results are typically available within 2-7 days.

Coe Management Group also performs oral fluid testing at our collection site here in Winston-Salem, NC.

There are many standard panel options available to accommodate which substances you would like tested, or a panel can be created to meet your specific needs.

3. Hair Testing

Hair follicle testing is one of the only forms of drug screening that has an extended window of detection. The lab can detect drug use within the past 90 days using a hair sample taken from the head or body. This is an excellent option for determining if a person has used drugs within a wider time frame.

Hair testing is performed at a collection site by a trained professional. Results are typically available within 3-7 days.

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With all the choices that are available, you are sure to find an option that will work perfectly for your business! Let us help you explore your options and make a solid decision. Call us today! 

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