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Why you need an updated drug testing policy
Jul  2,  2021 | Blog Posts

Does your company's substance abuse policy need an update? 

In today’s business world, crossing every T and dot every I is always best. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation that could have been handled much more efficiently if only you had the proper paperwork in place.

If your company lacks a written drug testing policy or has an outdated one…it’s time for a change. As our world evolves and things shift, stay current on where your company stands concerning drug & alcohol use.

Here are four reasons why having an active, updated policy is helpful and necessary in your workplace.


1. Protection


Your company policy should clearly outline the procedures for drug & alcohol testing in various scenarios; Some examples include Pre-EmploymentRandom, Reasonable Suspicion, Post-Accident, and Promotion. If you have DOT or safety-sensitive employees on staff, there are certain Federal or possibly insurance-related requirements that should be clearly outlined.

Once your employees review and sign this document, they understand how your organization views drug and alcohol use and what to expect if a situation arises. Creating such transparency at the time of hire or when your policy is implemented sends the message that you emphasize employee safety and compliance.

By encouraging strict adherence to a concrete policy, you can avoid claims of preferential treatment or unfair targeting. Let’s face it…most people don’t enjoy taking an alcohol or drug test, especially if they feel singled out or have something to hide. But regardless of the circumstances, the answer can always be “It’s just company policy.”


2. Predictability




Suppose there is a sudden need for an alcohol or drug test, such as an accident or reasonable suspicion. In that case, any member of your management team can easily reference the company policy to handle things accordingly. Your management staff has enough on their plate and making on-the-spot decisions in situations that could involve workers’ compensation or require legal involvement leaves them and your company vulnerable.

Implementing a policy that covers all the bases will minimize the potential for error and create predictability, clarity, and security for your staff when it matters the most.


3. Continuity

If your organization has multiple locations or plans for future expansion, a policy applicable to each site allows for simple, consistent, stress-free implementation.

With so many moving parts in coordinating processes from site to site, having a pre-established policy helps jump-start the hiring process so that you are staffed and up and running in no time.

Whether small or large, streamlining your procedures across the board will help build a strong foundation and pave the way for exponential growth.


4. Adaptation




Simply put, things change.

Recently, new over-the-counter products have emerged that may affect the results of a drug test. Additionally, many states have updated Marijuana laws, and it is highly beneficial to clarify how that may pertain to your operation and what your current position is surrounding the use of Marijuana.

You may also adopt new protocols, i.e., implementing a random testing program or allowing for a second chance agreement to help retain employees by offering them professional help.

Each of these examples speaks to the importance of regularly revisiting and adapting your policy if necessary.





Without a current, well-defined policy in place, you leave your business in a vulnerable position.

Investing in this area will encourage a more professional atmosphere, provide protection, and will undoubtedly serve you for years to come!

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